Christoph Gockel

Unicorns for Speclj

21 Nov 2014

Since I started with Clojure this week, there is a whole new environment to learn. New language, new build tool, new testing framework(s), new everything…

To get myself more familiar with Clojure and Speclj I decided to invest my Waza Friday afternoon with creating a Speclj plugin for unicornleap.

The final result is available on GitHub (source) and published on Clojars.

It was interesting and frustrating at times. Mostly because I know so little about Clojure yet that the main blocks I had weren’t like “how do I do that…?” but more like “how do I do that in Clojure…?”.

I learned quite a lot while implementing it. Granted, the code needed to write the plugin itself is really small, but I know more now about some Speclj internals and how dependency management is done with Leiningen.

To be fair, it isn’t the most useful plugin, but as a learning exercise it really was useful for me. And that’s what counts, isn’t it?