Christoph Gockel

Extra Duty (2)

14 Jul 2014

I wrote further on the introduction document about Java. Jim proposed to leave out the chapter about the Java language itself and instead reference the Java Koans. Which was a big relief to me to be honest. Giving an overview about Java seemed like a huge effort. Not that I didn’t want to do it, but I never really knew what would be the best approach to this. Where to start? Where to end? What is really important, what can be left out at the beginning?!

The chapter about a simple application of JUnit is done.

Today I finalized the chapter about Fitnesse. 8th Light has an introduction project for that at GitHub, which is called Ledjer. A small application in the domain of ledgers and deposits. To get the first exercise running I had to ask Jim to give me a short introduction to the Fixture handling in Fitnesse. Fitnesse does some magic stiff with the fixtures internally, so it’s good to understand the implementation of fixtures, before trying to get the tests green. When running the tests, Fitnesse maps names in fixtures automatically to class and method names in the Java source code. Without knowing this it’s not totally obvious for a beginner, as I am, to grasp what is really going on there. But it’s a very interesting approach!