Christoph Gockel

Extra Duty

11 Jul 2014

Yesterday I volunteered for a small extra assignment: writing an introductionary document to Java devlopment in Eclipse.

It’s been a while since I used Java the last time, but I could remember most of the things needed, after discussing with Jim which topics we want to cover in the document. I had to use Eclipse in projects at my previous employer so that should also be not completely new to me.

As I’m not a native English speaker there is probably some heavy proofreading needed for the final version (same is true for this blog, but anyway…). Daniel was so kind and proof read the first chapter today already. It’s about starting Eclipse for the first time, and creating the first Hello World Application in a new project.

Over the next days I will add a chapter about JUnit and provide a step by step manual on how to test drive a Hello World application. A chapter about Fitnesse will also be included. I’m curious about this chapter myself, as I have tried Fitnesse in the past, but only to toy around a bit with it. Never used it for a real application.